The Consensus Bureau is a vast, sprawling organization that counts among its ranks thousands of analysts, senior vice presidents, and combat drones — and that’s just our Metuchen office.

However, at the moment the Musical Propaganda subcommittee currently consists of the following:

Mr. Ontology Mr. Ontology (Bureaucrat #112358) plays lead guitar, bass, and keyboards… simultaneously.
DrSubtrahend2 Dr. Subtrahend (Bureaucrat #271828) has encoded most of the human genome into her singing and trumpet-playing.
SONY DSC Ayn Random (Bureaucrat #867-5309) sings and plays bass and keyboards as a front for her money-laundering operations.
BrotherPelagius2 Brother Pelagius (Bureaucrat #311411911) is contractually obligated to sing and play guitar.
PEZ Prototype: “Epsilon Zero” (PEZ) (Bureaucrat #[undefined]) dreams and drums of electric sheep. His positron core is calibrated and online.