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Why the Internet Suddenly Became Interested in My Ramblings on Paraguay

This past Sunday night, I posted The Consensus Bureau’s top 101 tweets of 2012. On Monday, I checked the traffic, to see how many people had looked at the post. The traffic had spiked to 222 views! A bit more … Continue reading

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Twit and Twisdom of Twenty-Twelve

April 2013 is almost done, but we’ve just now getting around to rounding up our 101 best tweets from 2012. **** 1. Plato: music undermines the state. Nietzsche: life without music is a mistake. The CB: life without music undermining … Continue reading

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MJ in Munich

Happy new year! What better way to ring in 2013 than by sharing, in its entirety, a bizarrely earnest pamphlet praising Michael Jackson which I found in Munich last fall? This pamphlet came from a jury-rigged shrine to the King … Continue reading

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You’ve come a long way — in drag

My paternal grandmother was a heavy smoker all her life. One of the brands she smoked was Virginia Slims, whose slogan then was “You’ve come a long way, baby.” I remember this well, because when I was a little kid, … Continue reading

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Best company tagline ever?

Spotted this bumper sticker on a magazine dispenser on 116th and Broadway. Love this slogan.

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Brutally Honest Truth in Advertising?

Spotted in Manhattan (more below the picture): It’s unfortunate that there’s scaffolding in the way (such a feature of Manhattan life in itself), but hopefully you can see that the awning on this store says “15TH BEST CLEANERS”. For the … Continue reading

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Pandora: “I want to stiff musicians, too!”

I’d read an article by a musician a few weeks ago about this issue, but this “Forbes” piece really crystallized the issue for me. In a nutshell: Due to some vagaries in US law, Sirius XM is legally able to … Continue reading

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Soft-Rock Sociolinguistics

The other day while I was in the grocery store, I heard the old Eighties song “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston. Perhaps I shouldn’t admit that I was already quite familiar with the song… Anyway, I’ve always been … Continue reading

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Safari Cards

I was recently reunited with my childhood collection of Safari Cards. I’d never known they even had a name, and have no memory of how I ever got them. According to this enthusiast’s website, they were available by “mail subscription” … Continue reading

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A Tale of Hurricane Sandy

And now, Hasty Ballpoint Comics presents:

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