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Twit and Twisdom of Twenty-Fourteen

Once again, it’s time to round up our 101 best Twitticisms for the past year! 1. I ekspecially want to ekscape with my expresso, ek cetera. 2. Maybe I am a bit narcissistic, said no narcissist ever. 3. IKEA: Where … Continue reading

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Twit and Twisdom of Twenty-Thirteen

Just as we did for 2012, we here present you with our 101 best twitticisms of 2013. 1. To live in the Village is to know that, at any time, not 500 feet from your doorstep, a man may be … Continue reading

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New Jersey Discovered

So, the big news around Consensus Bureau HQ this week is that we’ve now released the video for our song “New Jersey, New Jersey”. The song mentions a lot of different towns in New Jersey, and for the video we … Continue reading

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Being a Pest about Budapest

I have a one-a-day “Jeopardy!” calendar.┬áToday’s question — I’m sorry, “answer” –is exactly the kind of thing I live for: something where you could conceivably give a different answer (sorry, “question”) and argue ad nauseam about why it’s right. The … Continue reading

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Summarizing the Unsummarizable

Mr. Ontology and I recently came across this tidbit of music press: 21-year-old pop singer-songwriter [so-and-so] finds inspiration from strong female vocalists, like Kelly Clarkson, Colbie Caillat, and Carrie Underwood. Her uplifting, empowering songs draw from her own life experiences, … Continue reading

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Secondhand Scribbles

The weather in New York today was finally decent enough for going out for a walk over lunch. And once again, sidewalk booksellers beckoned, with many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore. One book I picked up — … Continue reading

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Blowing this whole cover-up wide open

Admit it: The Globe is just the only publication with the balls to say what everyone knew all along.  

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For sale: sushi. Some restrictions apply.

Another post in the spirit of the Wisdom of the Fridge… If I could’ve taken these home to post on the band fridge, I would’ve. As it was, these samples come from a laminated menu at a sushi restaurant PEZ … Continue reading

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Jazz for Other Moods and Activities

Some time ago, a series of jazz compilations came out. They were clearly aimed at women who wanted to relax. Their titles told the whole story: “Jazz for a Rainy Afternoon” “Jazz for a Lazy Day” “Jazz for When You’re … Continue reading

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How does this make me comfortable, exactly?

In the style of the Wisdom of the Fridge (even though this sticker does not have a place on the honored refrigerator door of Dr. Subtrahend and Mr. Ontology): This was a sticker I found on some pamphlet or safety … Continue reading

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