Moebius Trip

“Moebius Trip”

(To be sung out of the range of human hearing)

You’re on the Moebius Trip
And there’s no going back
No ticket to stamp
And no luggage to pack

On the Moebius Trip
The pathways all split apart
But whichever you take
You’re always back at the start

On the Moebius Trip
You’ll need a stiff drink
But your Klein bottle’s empty
No thoughts left to think

On the Moebius Trip
They say you’re never alone
And yet the only face
You ever see is your own

You’ve heard the Moebius Trip
Is a farce and a fraud
But others will tell you
It’s given by God

It’s the Moebius Trip
You can run, walk, or slide
You can end the thing early
But there’s no other ride

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