Hydroponic Cactus

“Hydroponic Cactus”

i’d lived a life of selfishness and ignorance and greed
i never gave a second thought of someone else’s needs
but drivin down the dusty road an idear came to me
a hydroponic cactus, yes indeed

hydroponic cactus, you’re the one
to show the world just how far i have come
a flood of water onto you i’ll pour
and the desert sun won’t shine on you no more

i found you in the desert, you were lonely, you were hot
i wasn’t thinking what you had but what you hadn’t got
i plucked you from the dirt and quickly shoved you in a pot
and then a simple lesson i was taught

hydroponic cactus, i was wrong
i thought that you’d want water all day long
if i had known your nature you’d be fine
and the sun would shine upon you all the time

i put you in the basement underneath fluorescent lights
you didn’t grow but shrivelled up into an awful sight
then suddenly an answer came to save you from this plight
i had to give you back to make it right

hydroponic cactus, please forgive
i’m learning how to live and to let live
and so i’m here to finally set you free
and the sun is shining down on you and me
the sun is shining down on you and me

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