Catherine McKenzie

“Catherine McKenzie”

Catherine McKenzie, when you gonna come back home
back to  Buncombe County
I haven’t changed a bit since you’ve been gone
I’m just the way that you found me

You’ve been always on my mind
ever since the day I met you
the way you treated me so kind
I never could forget you

Do you still remember the time we saw
the Pisgah Mountain sunrise
we stayed up until the dawn
to watch the sun paint the eastern skies

I can’t believe that you would leave that
I know you felt the same way
no one can ever make me believe that
you won’t be back some day to me

Catherine McKenzie it’s getting late
We’re not getting any younger
don’t you just leave things up to fate
you won’t find a love that’s stronger

There’s still a lot that we can do
You just gotta say the word now
So when am I gonna hear from you
that you’re finally southbound

Catherine McKenzie
Come back home to me now
Catherine McKenzie
Come back home to me now
Catherine McKenzie, Catherine McKenzie
Come back home
Catherine McKenzie
Why don’t you please come back home?

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