Shimmer on the Highway (Trucker’s Blues)

“Shimmer on the Highway (Trucker’s Blues)”

People on I-40

Passing me left and right

Don’t they look so happy as they’re

Sailing out of sight

Me, I’m stuck in the slow lane with a

Thousand miles to go

Endless acres of prairie

Deserts draped with snow

How’d I ever get here

Am I really to blame?

Shimmer on the highway

Always looks the same

Been around this whole country

From Maine to Bel Air;

So why I got the feeling

I ain’t been nowhere?

Shifting down into first gear as I

Start that uphill climb

Ain’t never been arrested but I’m

Sure doin’ time

I’ve heard the mermaids singing

Each to each; but the

Shimmer on the highway is

Always out of reach

Rolling through the salt flats

In the blinding glare,

Hauling grief and heartache

Through the burning air

Lost the radio signals

Fifty miles back

Can’t escape the feeling I’ve

Gone way off track

No reason to stay here, but I

Ain’t got a home; ‘cept for the

Shimmer on the highway

I’m all alone

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