New Jersey Discovered

So, the big news around Consensus Bureau HQ this week is that we’ve now released the video for our song “New Jersey, New Jersey”. The song mentions a lot of different towns in New Jersey, and for the video we tried to hit a lot of them, plus some others that weren’t in the song.

Some of the locations were pretty crazy, even by Jersey standards. Here’s a half-dozen of the zaniest, in no particular order.

LucyTheElephant The shore town of Margate features the first, and presumably also the last, larger-than-life statue of an elephant with a hotel room inside it. Lots more information available on Lucy’s website. (That’s her name, by the way.)
AtTheSummitDiner The Summit Diner is a classic eatery in a town of the same name about thirty miles due west of Manhattan. Sadly, there’s no website giving its history, though Wikipedia claims it’s possible (but not likely) Hemingway based a story there.
MufflerMan Ah, the Muffler Man of Magnolia (formerly Clementon). He’s one of literally dozens of giant roadside statues in America who were supposed to be holding a car muffler in their outstretched hands, but which seem to have lost the item they were intended to shill. New Jersey alone has at least fifteen of these statues.
NitroGal Being a giant roadside hawker of automotive products is a profession not just limited to male statues, as Nitro Gal proudly attests in Hilltop, Gloucester Township.
PelagiusAndCow Indeed, even the so-called lower animals are well represented, as seen by this cow at the flea market known as Cowtown in Pilesgrove. The giant cowboy seen in the video is also at Cowtown, holding another invisible muffler.Note: the paint used on these statues is not of the best quality. Indeed, the white paint on Nitro Gal’s boots wore off onto my jeans, and the Cowtown cow’s red coat of paint wore off onto my arms. So, always be sure to wear inferior clothing before getting up close and personal with roadside statues.
StorybookLand Finally, there’s Storybook Land in Cardiff, founded in 1953 to be a kiddie park. Fortunately, The Consensus Bureau was in and out of there before any children had shown up, thereby sparing these younguns emotional trauma and thousands of dollars in psychiatry bills.
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