Big Bird’s on the dole — and on Twitter!

I find it fascinating how “novelty accounts” can spring up on Twitter and quickly amass huge followings. Here’s the story of the account “@FiredBigBird”:

Summary: someone created this account after Romney mentioned in last week’s debate that he would cut PBS’s budget. Twitter has subsequently suspended the account not once, but twice, for reasons that are not clear.

Some other novelty accounts from the left that I’ve found that have come out of this campaign season include:

@MittensRomney (and many other parody accounts claiming to be Romney.)

@TheAngloSaxons (A reference to the Romney staffer’s gaffe this past summer, when he told a British counterpart that Obama wouldn’t understand the shared cultural heritage of the US and the UK.)

@InvisibleObama (Avatar is an empty chair — i.e., the chair Clint Eastwood “debated” at the Republican National Convention.)

Most of these have very small followings, but @InvisibleRomney has managed to get 70,000 followers. The copycats can do very well, too: @BigBirdRomney has gotten up to 10,000 followers itself.

I can only imagine there’s a similar plethora of novelty and parody accounts on the right. If you know of any, please share!

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