Secrets of “Lactose Intolerant”

Hey everyone,

It’s been a week since we announced our “Lactose Intolerant” video, and we’ve almost hit a thousand views! Many thanks to everyone who watched and retweeted/shared on Facebook — y’all are the best!

And that’s why you deserve to know the top five secrets of the filming of “Lactose Intolerant”:

5. We accidentally left the camera tripod in one of our shots. See screenshot above — it’s off to the left.

4. The milk we poured wasn’t milk. It was actually flour mixed with water, which was one of the ways for making fake milk that the Internet recommended. Incidentally, the main use for fake milk seems to be for filling the wee baby bottles that come with dolls. So, if you know a six-year-old girl who wants some verisimilitude with her baby doll, you now know what to do.

3. Our drummer PEZ has the world’s fastest-growing ‘stash. The video was shot on short notice, so I bought some fake mustaches from a costume shop, but they were totally unnecessary. PEZ’s epic ‘stash put them all to shame.

2. We had a guy on the inside. We timed our visit to the grocery store strategically: a source who shall remain anonymous here was able to tell us when the managers go off-duty. So, although an employee did scold us and ask whose permission we had to be filming there, we were able to brazen it out. Incidentally, on our way out of the store, we did pass a cop in uniform who’d been roaming around the store — a near miss, that…

1. The guy singing the song is not actually lactose intolerant. But the guy who wrote the song is.

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2 Responses to Secrets of “Lactose Intolerant”

  1. Joe Dalaker says:

    The baby in the video was utterly unflappable — perhaps my favorite part of the video. Is she listed in the credits?

    • Brother Pelagius says:

      Glad you liked! That’s a baby boy — not listed in the credits, but I can mention here that his name is Charlie. :)

      Thanks for watching!

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