Introducing: The Wisdom of the Fridge

Mr. Ontology and Dr. Subtrahend have been engaged for some time in a self-appointed research project: to find the world’s most unintentionally hilarious printed matter, usually in consumer packaging.

The specimens they’ve harvested have been lovingly affixed to their refrigerator. Hence the name of their collection: the Fridge Files.

Fig. 1: The Fridge of Wisdom.

For the first time ever, our researchers have graciously opened the vault to this precious collection of clippings so that the public may benefit from their scholarly labors.

As you shall see, these clippings, when stripped from their original context, often take on a gnomic quality, sometimes going so far as to resemble Zen koans. Hence the name for this series: the Wisdom of the Fridge.

Then again, sometimes the clippings are just plain stoopid or suggestive.

Either way, they’re sure to entertain. Stay tuned for more!

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