Paraguay, Uruguay — enh, what’s the difference?

The Consensus Bureau’s librarian noticed an amusing gaffe on the part of a book designer (or publisher, if you’re a believer in the buck stopping at the highest level).

The book in question is At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig: Travels Through Paraguay by John Gimlette. First published 2003, first Vintage Departures edition 2005.

So, I’ll say straight off that the book itself is great. Just about anything you could ever want to know about Paraguay is in this book, from its Mennonite colonies, to its Nazi war criminals, and even its odd national flag — the only one in the world whose reverse is not simply a mirror image of its obverse.

However, when it comes to the flag you see on the spine of this book, it isn’t either of the sides of Paraguay’s:

UH-oh…Could that flag belong to a different South American nation, whose name ends in the same four letters?

I’m wondering if this jacket design was handed in at the last minute… “Was it Paraguay or Uruguay? Dammit, no time for that — just pick one, we’ve got a 50-50 shot of being right. And no one will notice, anyway.”

— No one, that is, except The Consensus Bureau…

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