Delancey Debrief

Monday’s show at the Delancey was a total blast! Our first paying gig, and a phantasmagorical thrill. Many thanks to everyone who came out that night, and to Eigengeist for inviting us along for the ride.

Many thanks also to the newest Bureaucrat, our drummer PEZ! This was our first time ever playing with him. But with his highly sophisticated, positronic brain, PEZ was able to assimilate our repertoire with lightning speed.

For posterity’s sake, this was our setlist that evening:

1) Hot Commodity
2) Attack on the Castle of Love
3) Don’t Know What I Meant to Say
4) Thoughts Inconceivable
5) Make Her Mine
6) You’re Not the Robot for Me
7) (Not Your) Lovin’ Machine
8) She’s So Right (It’s Wrong)
9) Too Big to Fail
10) Fibonacci

Photos and such will be forthcoming…

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