The Consensus Bureau’s Investment Strategy

For over 300 years, The Consensus Bureau’s Portfolio Advisory Service has produced solid results in wealth dispersal through our signature Asset Destruction Funds (ADFs). Here are the top three questions we hear most often:

1. What’s your track record?

We believe our results speak for themselves. The Consensus Bureau has managed to buy high in many high-risk ventures just before they imploded. Below are some of our greatest successes.

2. Wait — are you saying you’re just shorting companies?

No. The Consensus Bureau achieves Total Monetary Wastage (TMW) by giving large sums of money to unsound businesses. We are focused on eliminating any and all return on investment.

3. Yes, but is it sustainable?

While past results are no guarantee of future performance, we at The Consensus Bureau remain bullish that there will continue to be ridiculously stupid business plans to waste money on for years to come.

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