We are The Consensus Bureau: a vast organization of five million, or possibly just five, hard-rocking brainiacs writing songs about Congress, robots, Wall Street, monkeys, and Congressional robots who work on Wall Street for monkeys.

For maximum inconvenience, The Consensus Bureau has divided itself into a New York City branch and a Washington, DC, branch. Contact your Congressperson today if you would like The Consensus Bureau to open a branch in YOUR city!

In the meantime, check out our YouTube channel, where we bring you songs and videos that are desperately needed by 21st-century humans, such as:

— A diatribe against dairy products (“Lactose Intolerant”)

— A sexy celebration of the Garden State (“New Jersey, New Jersey”)

— A musical collaboration with Edward Snowden, or at least someone who looks a lot like him (“Groovy Snowden”)

— A cautionary tale about reconnecting with someone on social media (“My More Successful High School Friend on Facebook”)

— A tongue-in-cheek paean to hipster fashion accessories (“Seat Belt Buckle Bag Strap”)

And many more!

ALSO! The Consensus Bureau’s second album, Second: Do Harm, is available at the iTunes Store, as well as on Youtube¬†and Spotify!


JustHeads Our first album, Just Heads, is also available on iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify.

Contact us at consensusbureau@gmail.com.